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PuePy: Overview

PuePy is a frontend web framework that builds on Python and Webassembly using PyScript. PuePy is truly a Python-first development environment. There is no transpiling to JavaScript; no Yarn, no NPM, no webpack, no Vite or Parcel. Python runs directly in your browser. PuePy is inspired by Vue.js, but is entirely from scratch in Python.


  • Reactivity: As components' state changes, redraws happen automatically
  • Component-Based Design: Encapsulate data, logic, and presentation in reusable components
  • Single-Class Components: Based vaguely on Vue's "single file components", each component and each page is a class.
  • Events, Slots, and Props: Events, slots, and props are all inspired by Vue and work similarly in PuePy
  • Minimal, Python: PuePy is built to use Pythonic conventions whenever possible, and eschews verbosity in the name of opinion.

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